Fire Services & Training

PSE is well versed in all aspects of fire protection and can provide you with everything your buisness needs to bring it up to code.
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Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Refills, Testing, & Training

Extinguishers need to be inspected annually to ensure performance. We perform annual inspections on site to help secure the safety of your work environment. We also certify extinguisher tags, perform hydrostatic testing and provide recharge and replacement services for all types of fire extinguishers.

The types of extinguishers we service include, Class "D" Extinguishers, Cartridge Operated & Wheeled Units, Multi-Purpose & Regular Dry Chemical, Foam and Pressurized Water, Carbon Dioxide, Wet Chemical Class "K," and Halon 1211. Contact PSE today for a personalized fire extinguisher consultation. 

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ANSUL® AUTOPULSE® Control Panel Installation, Inspection, & Monitoring

Our alarm panel experts design, install, retro-fit, inspect, and monitor these systems.

This essential equipment processes detection signals from protected areas and immediately performs key operations – sounding alarms, shutting down equipment, and releasing the fire suppression system. Accessories include detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, bells, and various equipment control and shutdown accessories. Five panel options provide protection for a small single hazard or up to 10 separate locations.

Detection options include smoke, heat and flame detection. We also provide access cards and training for basic alarm panel operations. Contact PSE today for a personalized alarm panel consultation. 

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Fire Sprinkler Testing & Inspection

Fire sprinkler systems protect your property and save lives. A series of strategically placed water sprinklers will automatically suppress fires and improve the safety of any environment. Generally, in order to provide ultimate fire protection, these systems may require quarterly, semi-annual, or annual inspection and maintenance to support consistent water defense.

PSE's qualified technicians offer inspections and support you can count on. We inspect, test, repair, and remodel a variety of sprinkler systems for all types and sizes of properties.

Invest in safety with an automated, reliable fire sprinkler system. Contact PSE today for a personalized sprinkler system consultation.

Closed Circuit TV Installation

Get the safety and security you are looking for with a Closed Circuit TV surveillance system!

Protecting your investments and ensuring your hardware will last for years to come is easier than ever with PSE’s high quality security camera installations. These systems capture and record video on a closed, but connected system using a camera, monitor, and recording device. With a variety of styles to choose from, our reliable security products are sure to meet your specific surveillance needs and can even be set up for remote viewing from the Internet. Contact PSE today for a personalized Closed Circuit TV consultation. 

Restaurant Fire Suppression Installation, Inspection, & Maintenance

Kitchen hood fire suppression systems are essential in every restaurant in order to suppress dangerous grease fires and save lives. These systems are required to be inspected on a semi-annual basis as a minimum requirement of NFPA 17A. PSE's qualified technicians will provide high quality installations, inspections, and service maintenance to your fire suppression system to ensure it's performing properly and safeguard your kitchen.

Our software system will keep a record of when inspections are due so you never have to worry about meeting required inspection deadlines. We also provide you with the training you need to properly use and maintain your system. This training also helps to establish appropriate, knowledgeable responses should a grease fire or other fire safety situation arise. Contact PSE today for a personalized consultation of your fire suppression system.

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