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Item # Size Count Price Qty
CHEMC1911 L24.6" x W14.5" x H16" 1 $379.95 

Product Description: 

Monster 1911 Off-Road Urethane Wheel Chocks are designed for the mining and construction industries, specifically for mine haul trucks with tire sizes over 105" (2667 mm) diameter and load capacities up to 400 tons. This tall chock design is strong, safe and lightweight, yet they hold the largest haul trucks.

These chocks are made from tough, damage resistant urethane. They will not cause tire damage and are virtually unaffected by oils, fuels or solvents. For added safety and convenience, these wheel chocks have "How to Use" guidelines molded directly into the chock.

CAUTION: A minimum of four (4) model 1911 Monster Wheel Chocks must be used when chocking haul trucks with load capacities from 240 tons up to 400 tons. All Monster Chocks feature a large, easy access, open-top, recessed scoop handle design for ease of use with gloved hand. This design prevents moisture, dirt, and debris from collecting in the handle recess area.